Over the last 20 years I have been giving training and coaching sessions across the globe. From Kazakhstan to South Africa and from Brazil to Canada. Each bespoke session designed and customized to address the specific issues of the customer. They include workshops, classroom sessions but also physical visits to production facilities followed a debrief on those risks seen and not seen. Bring risk blindness and lessons learnt to the fore. Change management and behaviour being specifically targeted.

Key to making the culture change needed in each of these countries and attitudes is listening. Utilizing the local strengths, leveraging the current management practice to limit change to local management practices.

Some examples of the topics available are:

  • Process oriented bow tie development across multiple countries with similar processes establishing key learnings and best practice. (blast furnace, continuous caster, DRI, mining ore concentration)
  • Basic risk management; its use, goals and deliverables (covering purchasing, finance, legal, operations, mining, logistics, steel)
  • Risk identification (USA, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Brazil)
  • Opportunity management
  • Value creation – combining industrial controlling and operations
  • Making the change from asset risk management to operational risk management.
  • Creating a risk management culture – understanding risk strategy