Risk Management Solutions

What makes my service proposal different?

Together we create the driver trees that identify the real issues, not symptoms, of whats wrong. Systemic issues are what is causing you EBITDA loss and resulting volatility. were offering bottom line consequences management rather than only top line marketing.

The services that can be provided under “risk management” are many. From providing documents, frameworks, statements, to actually creating the insight needed on the shop floor, and in every day decision making, so that the company grows.

With the prestigious “ global risk manager award” from the IRM I have proven to my peers that I can can provide affective:

  • Work shops for :
    • Top management coaching
    • Shop floor risk identification
    • Risk barrier identification and quantification (HAZOP, What-if, Bow tie)
    • Facilitated root cause analysis
    • Risk management basics
  • Facilitated risk awareness and insight exercises for
    • Purchasing
    • Finance
    • Operation
    • Maintenance
  • An approach that is tailor made to your sites and company. But providing insight and sustainability

The deep learning and experience of global enterprises, cultural differences, divergent production lines and challenging environments that we have gathered over many years means we listen to what you want. We listen to your issues. We use your experience as practical examples and create the bespoke solution for you.

Setting up global systems sounds easy. But many are still making the same mistakes as they oversimplify the methods. This puts an even greater twist to the decision making being taken. Consequences are ineffective investments, misalignment between R&M (repair and maintenance budgets) and productivity.



One of the best documents I have seen comes from the concept of WCM ( world class manufacturing). Developed and used in Toyota, FIAT etc. visual management. The documents you are being asked to create, write, rollout are all words. Through our work in many countries and different languages we quickly realized that words have different meanings. What is a risk for you is a problem for them.

The use of visual references breaks down such barriers and we all see what is mean. The use of the 5S approach in risk management goes a long way in increasing understanding. There are other tools we can use to improve consistency and understanding and some of these can be found in the document section of the website.

Let’s build something together.