Stabalizing Ebitda using Risk Management

By turning the typical processes involved with project management and action planning into a system we achieve two main goals. We make empower the people to make the change and we make it sustainable. These two elements are key in leveraging understanding of where value is created, or not, and building on previous investments to make opportunities more achievable.

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Insight not information! This is what the CEO needs from a Risk Manager.

Decision making, Opportunity management and Strategy! The role of all management. All are forward looking. All levels of management need to be aligned. So why are many risk managers still providing information, compliance data and backward facing risk analysis (risks associated with the current business environment rather than the future business world)? And why typically upwards reporting and not up, down and transversal guiding? I guess for many it’s because of business pressure today. Reduce costs, blend short- and long-term strategies and be effective and efficient. But I believe CEO´s and CFO´s need insight to create and manage opportunity. Backing a new business plan that will be obsolete tomorrow is not good. The points mentioned above are a positive consequence of this insight. Not driving it. Keeping it simple there are three steps to follow to leverage insight and create opportunity and ultimately value? Firstly: – there is a time axis to risk. This time axis has a direction. This

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