Managing Reputation

I’ve always wondered why some events that have happened in the past became so large and captured the publics’, or medias’ eye. Why some massive events are virtually ignored and a small, seemingly insignificant events, destroy a company. So I analysed 10 of the worlds largest events and created a value driver tree that helped me focus on what is really needed, where I have gaps that need to be filled and basically came to some interesting practical conclusions. One element which is obvious, but I have not seen really taking forefront in such reviews, is the focus on what’s happening around you rather than on the actual event trigger itself. This approach helped me to appreciate that its not only me that makes the event big but external influences also.

Stabalizing Ebitda using Risk Management

By turning the typical processes involved with project management and action planning into a system we achieve two main goals. We make empower the people to make the change and we make it sustainable. These two elements are key in leveraging understanding of where value is created, or not, and building on previous investments to make opportunities more achievable.

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The value of the risk management SYSTEM

What value is risk management ultimately bringing a company? This is the fundamental question we are all asking. If it can be answered, then the role of risk manager will take on a different meaning and level of influence. This change, what it is rather than what we want it to mean, is critical to improving and clarifying understanding by CEO´s and CFO´s of what risk management really is. For me there are two key elements that are missing, or not rigorous enough, within most companies and regardless of size. And it might take some effort on behalf of the risk manager to discuss and extrapolate where changes in some engrained business processes are needed. Firstly, there is the actual system of risk management being used and secondly, there is the way this is being translated into the financial language. I specifically use the word “system” as the process of risk management should be clear already. It’s the system that

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