What is risk management?

Decision making – at the right place and at the right time by the right people

Risk Management is about making a difference. Its about cutting through the different perspectives people have and gluing all of the strengths and weaknesses together into a process that delivers and keeps delivering value.

Your probably inundated with questions, people coming to you with problems, expecting answers and solutions. Your seeing more legislation, more reporting, a greater need for transparency and information. Everyone is saying theirs is the most important, they are using words specific to their function, they are using metrics which are designed for their speciality.

You know you need to make a change, but with all things interconnected and moving fast which decision is the right one and when should I make it?

I can help you answer some of these questions. Organised through workshops, tools, dialogue.

Helping you join the dots.

You chose where you need support.

Planning phase or execution phase; its all about decision making. And you need risk management because the speed of change is faster than we can understand the consequences.


Planning does not take place every day. But needs to have a direction and take note of input from the execution phase in terms of lessons learnt.

It provides the platform for opportunity management.

  1. Purpose clarity does more than define your business objectives and strategy. It brings in the social economic elements needed for resilience, and sustainability.
  2. Today both risks and opportunities are everywhere. A complete 360° Review needs to be conducted capturing all aspects of the business and environment. But not focusing on today – looking to tomorrow.
  3. Key processes need to be resilient and understanding where the drivers are and the separating them from the consequences is vital to spending money wisely.

Innovation and management of spin-ins plays an important role in decision making and the business model used to manage for the future. Giving a competitive advantage and futurizing decisions.


Execution is a fast moving exercise requiring frequent input but delivering insight. Prioritisation based on vulnerability gives effective results.

Risks of not capturing the opportunity are quantified and combined with risk management.

  1. Actions are prioritised based on future needs not previous issues. They are helping us move forwards not trended on historical needs.
  2. Information, data and knowledge is used for reporting on where we stand but resulting as a consequence and not the driver for decisions.
  3. Key learnings are collected and generate wisdom which help transform the business and management system to achieve increased growth while simultaneously providing stability of the bottom line. We change decision making behaviour.

Solutions that go beyond current risk appetite levels do not have to be lost. Through spinoff management we can capture and utilise advantaged identified and created and adjust the portfolio according to new needs.

360° – Blending risks and opportunities

Differing decision making speeds are blended enabling a better allocation of funding, a higher success rate and delivering an efficient and effective management system with consistant and repeatable results. Actions from point 5 can be stopped, new learning from point 7 used to reassess company purpose and vision and the output from 8 are stakeholder reports providing the control, oversight and governance needed.

The key element to all of this and what I am providing based on experience, knowledge and effective implementation:

A risk management approach that uses a risk management approach to ensure its effectiveness in helping the company achieve the strategic objectives and company purpose. Embedding the company values and delivering results.